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What is Young REP Rebels?

Inspired by the current resurgence in youth protest, The Young REP explore what it means to stand up to injustices and demand change. They present a season of work celebrating Birmingham's identity as a hotbed for resistance and political voice since the 19th century.


27 - 28 March

A plane crashes on a deserted island. The only survivors are a group of students. They live in a land of bright exotic birds and dark blue seas, but at night their dreams are inhabited by a
terrifying beast. A tale of isolation, power, identity and violence.


3 - 4 April

A new punk musical for the politically cynical. In a failing school a class learn about a group
of 'posh birds' who won the vote for women 100 years ago. But as they grasp the story they realise that the battle is still raging and they are on the front line. Suffragette? It's not over yet!

This production contains scenes of violence


22 - 24 May

Written by Ashlee Elizabeth-Lolo and performed by the Young REP Intermediated & Adult Drama Group.

From Rock Against Racism in 1976 to Saffiyah Khan's viral EDL resistance in 2017, our Adult Drama Company and Young REP Intermediates join forces to explore Birmingham's history of protest, what activism feels like today in the youngest city in Europe and why the city is a hotbed of political voice

This event will be taking place at Industrial Gallery - Birmingham Musem & Art Gallary. Limited seating available, this will be a standing performance.

In collaboration with Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery


13 June
If you were a ruler for a day what would you do? Join our Young REP Juniors as they take you on a royal journey through their kingdom.

10 - 11 July
YOUNG REP 18-25S - 1984

Mass surveillance. Fake news. Propaganda. The Young REP 18-25s vividly bring to life Orwell's vision of Britain in a fictionalised 1984.

In a world torn apart by war, an overbearing totalitarian state tries to control the population by rewriting history, prohibiting free thought and monitoring its citizens through telescreens.

A clerk for the ruling party by the name of Winston begins to question the party line, but big brother is always watching.

In an era dominated by debates around fake news, freedom of speech and individual rights, never has Orwell's classic literary vision of a dystopian and politicised world been more relevant.

This production contains scenes of violence and of a sexual nature


17 - 18 July

In this timely modernisation of a classic ancient Greek tragedy, The Young REP Company tackle themes of gender politics, domestic violence and love.

Fifty brides flee to an Italian villa escaping arranged marriages to their fifty cousins in this tale of men vs. women and traditionalism vs. feminism.

Written by American playwright Charles L. Mee, Big Love is based on the 2,500 year-old Greek tragedy The Suppliants, one of the oldest surviving dramas.


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