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Fri 10 Jul 20
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Sat 11 Jul 20
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Sat 11 Jul 20
From £5.00

Mass surveillance. Fake news. Propaganda. The Young REP 18-25s vividly bring to life Orwell's vision of Britain in a fictionalised 1984.

In a world torn apart by war, an overbearing totalitarian state tries to control the population by rewriting history, prohibiting free thought and monitoring its citizens through telescreens.

A clerk for the ruling party by the name of Winston begins to question the party line, but big brother is always watching.

In an era dominated by debates around fake news, freedom of speech and individual rights, never has Orwell's classic literary vision of a dystopian and politicised world been more relevant.

This production contains Scenes of a Sexual Nature & Violence


With thanks to our Youth Theatre Sponsor, KPMG LLP

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