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Discover a range of playwrights, styles and periods with our fun, informal Play-Reading Group. It's competely FREE to join, refreshments will be provided and there's no need to book so come along and join us.

12 December, Peter Pan Adapted by Georgia Christou and Liam Steel
7pm-9pm, Thimblemill Library, Thimblemill Rd, Smethwick B67 5RJ

Wendy and her little brothers are feeling lost. Separated from their mother, they've been sent to live in a flat high up above the city. Then one night, a remarkable flying boy arrives offering her an escape.

The boy's name is Peter Pan and he invites Wendy and her brothers to fly away with him to a magical world beyond their urban reality. A world of mischievous Lost Children and boundless dreams called Neverland.

But there's danger lurking  – it's also a place of malicious mermaids, feisty fairies and the devious Captain Hook, who is plotting on Skull Island with a band of fearsome pirates. Can Wendy defeat them to save her new-found friends?

Following last year's acclaimed retelling of The Wizard Of Oz, director Liam Steel brings the classic Peter Pan story into the twenty-first century. This new Birmingham-set version will make you fall in love with the family favourite all over again.

 Why did we choose this play? This reimagined version of Peter Pan is on at The REP this Winter and takes a very different approach to the story of Peter Pan.

Read the play, see the show.
Peter Pan is at The REP 30 November 2019 - 19 January 2020
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23 January, This Restless House by Zinnie Harris
7pm-9pm,Thimblemill Library,Thimblemill Rd, Smethwick B67 5RJ

Aeschylus' Oresteia opens with Agamemnon sacrificing his daughter to the gods; an act which sets in motion a bloody cycle of revenge and counter-revenge. When he in turn is killed at the hands of his wife Clytemnestra, their son Orestes takes up the mantle of avenging his father, continuing the bloodshed until peace is ultimately found in the rule of law. Zinnie Harris reimagines this ancient drama, using a contemporary sensibility to rework the stories, placing the women in the centre. Orestes' leading role is replaced by his sister Electra, who as a young child witnesses her father's murder and is compelled to take justice into her own hands until she too must flee the Furies.

Why did we choose this play? Beneath the City is an adaptation of Oresteia and we felt it would be great to see different takes on the Greek Tragedy.

Read one adaptation, see another!
Beneath the City is at The REP 16  -18 January 2020
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