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Life Is No Laughing Matter is a performance about mental illness, suicide and radical cure attempts.

Part personal narrative, part social rant, part mess; Life is No Laughing Matter tells the exhausting and hilarious account of living with depression. Demi was told to eat a banana a day and think happy thoughts. Inevitably she got worse. So she bought Yoko the dog to save her. In a generous and painfully honest performance, Demi talks of causes, cures, and what happens when you eat 56 bananas. Expect sh*t metaphors, co-dependency, holy water and the one and only Yoko Ono.

Contains distressing themes, strong language/swearing.

Originally developed at Battersea Arts Centre & Supported by Art Council England



Writer Demi Nandhra
Director Francesca Millican Slater
Set Designer Claire Browne
Lighting Designer Lizzie Mora



What makes Nandhra’s production unique is her absolute openness in her continuous journey with depression and in the way she is able to balance the comedy with the poignant while narrating these moments.

Across the Arts

Nandhra gets maximum comic mileage from both in a show that has an appealing directness and real sadness and rage at the way mental illness is seldom treated as seriously as a broken leg.

Lyn Gardner

Underneath the charm and the silliness, there is rage and resilience

Exeunt Magazine

The story of a South Asian woman in the mental health labyrinth, it is bitterly angry and expertly crafted, with gifted theatrical surprises.

The Scotsman

For all its deceptive lightness, Life Is No Laughing Matter is making a serious and necessary intervention.

The Guardian


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