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Fumms bö wö tää zää Uu, pögiff, kwii Ee…

Join us for a night of disruptive and provocative poetry, performance & music, celebrating all things Dada! Showcasing the absurd and anarchic, this soirée will feature just some of the varied wonders and eccentricities of the Dada and Merz movements.

Our evening will include a special performance of Kurt Schwitters' iconic poem Ursonate performed by composer and sound poet Tomomi Adachi and a chorus of local performers, led by Stephan Meier (Artistic Director of BCMG).

The evening will also feature other pop-up Dada performances and activities.

Leave all things serious at the door, put a lampshade on your head and let's Dada!

Optional Dress code: 1920s surrealist spectacular.

To create our Ursonate chorus, we would like to invite 25 members of the public (age 16+) to take part in this event. This opportunity is open to anyone interested in performing, no previous experience required. For more information please email

This event is sponsored by Coventry University.

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