Key Stage 3 & 4

In addition to Theatre Days, After Darks and our other opportunities for school groups at the theatre, The REP offers a variety of opportunities within your school, including:

Drama Workshops
We can deliver workshops on any of the following subjects:

  • Brecht
    Using a Brecht play of your choice, this practical day long introductory workshop will look at the political, historical and cultural context in which Brecht was writing and explore the basic features of Brechtian drama such as Epic Theatre, gesture and the alienation effect.
  • Stylised Theatre
    Looking at practitioners such as John Godber, Steven Berkoff and Bertolt Brecht your students will look at key techniques such as mime, direct address, multi-role playing, stereotypical characters and ensemble. This workshop can be focussed on a particular practitioner or play depending on your requirements.
  • Devising Techniques
    How do you create something from nothing? This workshop focuses on exploring the making of theatre through the sharing of ideas and improvisation skills.
  • Improvisations
    The workshop looks at developing techniques for more effective improvisation, breaking down barriers and freeing the performance instinct in your students.
  • BTEC performing arts business module
    Particularly suitable for those studying performing arts at BTEC, GCSE or A Level, this session will cover how a performing arts organisation operates structurally and financially and introduce students to the range of careers in the industry.
  • Physical theatre
    Movement based activities that focus on ensemble work and visual storytelling. Students will respond physically to a range of stimuli and begin to explore new approaches to performing.
  • Performing Shakespeare
    Break down the barriers that many young people have towards Shakespeare and use performance skills to enhance their understanding of his plays. This workshop can be tailored to suit a particular group, and can focus on any Shakespeare play that your group is studying.
  • Playwriting
    Enable your students to enhance their speaking, listening and literacy skills by learning about playwriting. Your students will dive straight in to creating dialogue, characters and stories to produce their own plays.
  • Boal – Theatre of the Oppressed/Forum Theatre
    The Theatre of the Oppressed is a participatory form of theatre that fosters democratic and cooperative forms of interaction. It is practiced by “spect-actors” who have the opportunity to act, observe, and engage in self-empowering processes such as Image Theatre and Forum Theatre that help foster critical thinking.
  • Artaud
    Working practically, students will explore Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty and gain an understanding of the legacy of his vision in contemporary theatre.
  • Site Specific performances
    This workshop will explore a specific environment or space of the school’s choosing (for example, there may be a wooded area within the school grounds) and use this as inspiration to create stories and characters for performance. The workshop will involve creative writing, drama and craft.
  • Set-texts
    Whatever the play you are studying at GCSE or A level we can design a practical workshop using drama and theatre to bring the text to life.

This list is just a taster of what we can offer – if you have something specific in mind or would just like to discuss further options, please call 0121 245 2092 or email Prices start at £150 per workshop.

REP Show Workshops
If you are planning to bring a school party to a REP production or would like to follow up your students’ theatre visit, why not book a workshop? Workshops are led by our Learning & Participation team and use games, role-play and devising techniques to explore text, characters and theatre genres. Workshops strengthen students’ understanding and appreciation of the production that they have seen or are about to see. Alternatively if there is a particular text or theatre technique that your students are studying, we can tailor workshops to suit your needs. Workshops are designed to take place in your school hall or drama studio and cost £100 for a one and a half hour session, which can accommodate up to thirty pupils.

Schools Drama Festivals
The REP hosts drama festivals for school and college groups linked to many of our shows. As part of the festival, students receive a two hour workshop in school to introduce them to the themes and issues of the play, and they are then left to devise their own short piece of drama as a response to their workshop. At the festival, students are given the opportunity to perform their piece on The REP stage, receive feedback from REP staff and then watch a matinee performance of the play they have been studying. Participation in the festivals costs £200 plus £5 per student for their matinee ticket. For more information on our next schools drama festival, contact

Playwriting workshops
The REP has long been established as a ‘new writing’ theatre, bringing the very best new plays to Birmingham and beyond. Our Learning & Participation team can help to introduce playwriting into your classroom in a number of imaginative ways, all designed to link into the National Curriculum.

  • Playwriting Taster Sessions take students through the fundamentals of dramatic writing by having them create a piece of writing over the course of a half-day session.
  • Page To Stage aims to have students create a piece of dramatic writing over six half day sessions. This project aims to strengthen students’ literacy skills and inspire them in their creative writing.
  • Transmissions is The REP’s young writers’ programme, which has pioneered playwriting in schools and how it can connect to the National Curriculum. We have worked with students of all abilities as well as those not following the National Curriculum. This programme provides a teacher training day held at your school for all of your English and Drama teachers, a six week workshop programme for your students covering the basic principles of playwriting and an in house festival – the actors and directors will come to your school to perform the plays written by your students.

Prices start at £150 for one workshop. Contact

REPwrite is a brand new online playwriting resource that will enable schools to teach playwriting and develop collaborative plays with anyone in the world. REPwrite provides a step by step guide for those new to playwriting in how to teach and develop plays and to explore new partnerships and ways of writing.

Subscribers can:

  • Write plays in real time with contributors within your own classroom or from schools across the world
  • Gain feedback on their writing from selected peers and professional writers
  • Produce blogs for students to document their writing journey
  • Print out their completed plays ready to be performed
  • Teachers are able to track their students’ individual contributions to work created as a group

REPwrite is designed to use a format which students will find easy to use. There is also an extensive resources section aimed at teachers including lesson plans, worksheets and contributions from professional playwrights, making REPwrite a fantastic classroom tool.

REPwrite costs £500 to subscribe for a term or £1000 for a year. If you would like more information, please email