Key Stage 1 & 2

In addition to Theatre Days, Post-Show Discussions and our other opportunities for school groups at the theatre, The REP offers a variety of opportunities within your school, including:

Drama Workshops
We can deliver workshops on any of the following subjects:

  • Physical theatre
    Have you always depended on using spoken words to convey meaning? Help your students explore new ways of communicating and enable them to discover a physical approach to storytelling. Students will participate in movement based activities and explore ways of using their bodies to create and perform a story.
  • Exploring the Worlds of Roald Dahl
    Using drama, creative writing and visual arts to explore the weird and wonderful worlds of Roald Dahl, this workshop will develop children’s literacy skills and encourage the group to create their own worlds and stories. The workshop can focus on a Roald Dahl story of your choice, or extracts from a variety of Roald Dahl books.
  • Acting
    Using fun drama games, we can introduce your pupils to some of the skills which will allow them to begin to learn about acting. Workshops can help to increase confidence and enable your pupils to work together to create performances.
  • Story Making
    This workshop is a fun and engaging way to enhance pupils’ vocabulary and develop self confidence. The session will guide the group through a collaborative process of building a story, developing the characters and culminate in a performance that can then lead onto literacy based activities within the classroom.

This list is just a taster of what we can offer – if you have something specific in mind or would just like to discuss further options, please call 0121 245 2092 or email Prices start at £150 per workshop.

REP Show Workshops
If you are planning to bring a school party to a REP production or would like to follow up your students’ theatre visit, why not book a workshop? Workshops are led by our Learning & Participation team and use games, role-play and devising techniques to explore text, characters and theatre genres. Workshops strengthen students’ understanding and appreciation of the production that they have seen or are about to see. Alternatively if there is a particular text or theatre technique that your students are studying, we can tailor workshops to suit your needs. Workshops are designed to take place in your school hall or drama studio and cost £150+VAT for a one and a half hour session, which can accommodate up to thirty pupils.

Playwriting workshops
The REP has long been established as a ‘new writing’ theatre, bringing the very best new plays to Birmingham and beyond. Our Learning & Participation team can help to introduce playwriting into your classroom in a number of imaginative ways, all designed to link into the National Curriculum.

  • The Toy Theatre Project will have students create their own play, toy theatre, and puppets with a Participation Officer and a visual artist over the course of seven half-day sessions. The project culminates in a Toy Theatre Festival, in which pupils will get the chance to perform their own plays using their toy theatres. Some pupils will even see their plays performed by professional actors in a life sized toy theatre!
  • Playwriting Taster Sessions take students through the fundamentals of dramatic writing by having them create a piece of writing over the course of a half-day session.
  • Page To Stage aims to have students create a piece of dramatic writing over six half day sessions. This project aims to strengthen students’ literacy skills and inspire them in their creative writing.

Prices start at £150 for one workshop. Contact to book.