Waiting For Godot - Week Three

Waiting For Godot - Week Three

It’s the third week of rehearsals for Waiting For Godot and actor Fisayo Akinade writes,

It’s an odd sensation being away from the rehearsal room for most of the day, and only making a quick appearance for an hour each day to go through The Boy’s sections before rehearsals end. Especially when for the first two weeks I was in rehearsals every day, mostly to watch the other actors and see what I could learn from them.

In those first two weeks I was able to watch the actors take the first steps to putting the play on its feet, and see the progression first hand. Whereas now when I get to rehearsal, everything seems to have come on in leaps and bounds as if by magic. Lines are more secure, the blocking is becoming more organic and even more things are being added to the rehearsal room. When I arrived on Monday there was a new floor, which added levels, and gave the actors something new to explore and play with. Later in the week we had Mark Taylor Batty come in and share his thought on Beckett and Waiting for Godot. He lectures at Leeds University and is considered an expert on all things Beckett. It was a really enlightening hour, and we gained more clarity on some of the subtle references to Beckett’s life and the Second World War that appear in the play.

We are now coming ever closer to our first preview. We have a week and a half left and from Monday we will be attempting to run through Act One, I say run through, it’ll be more like a stagger through, making sure all the things we have been working on for the past three weeks are in place, and hopefully by the middle of the week we’ll be hoping to run/stagger through the whole thing. Wish us luck!

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