Waiting For Godot - Week One

Waiting For Godot - Week One

It’s the first week of rehearsals for Waiting For Godot and Pat Cumper, Talawa ‘s Artistic Director writes,

‘With wind howling outside and the occasional sleet shower making the roof rattle, rehearsals for Godot got underway. Beginning with a wide ranging and often challenging discussion about the world Beckett created and the characters he peoples it with – he refused to explain either – the company went on to a movement session that was wonderful to watch, hard work to do and capable of provoking laughter, sympathy, empathy. I swear Aline David (Company Movement) can move not only each limb but each joint independently.

Afternoon and it’s down to text, Ian (Director) leading a first exploration of the first half dozen sections. We’re naming them as we go along. Guess which one is called Garlic? Pretty detailed discussion about costumes: phrases like over-checked tweeds, zoot suit with the drape shape and butler’s uniform were bandied about. You’ll have to wait and see!

At six, or slightly after, we bundled up and strode out into the wind and rain. A good day. And we had strolling players from the afternoon children’s play serenading us at lunch. What more can one ask for?’

‘Having fought our way in through freezing rain, cast and director gathered in the rehearsal room at the St Peter Building to resume the existential wrestling match that is working on Waiting For Godot. If at first it looked as though the text was winning, well before lunch the room was once again ringing with laughter and full of suggestions. From the absurd to the profound, on what it is Beckett meant by each line. Jeffrey is wearing his Godot hat, Guy bundles up when the room cools, gathering his energy for his assault on Lucky’s epic speech. Character work continues with Ian regularly quoting insights into Beckett and the times in which he wrote. The differences between pals Didi and Gogo get clearer and clearer and we ponder how much-or little- Pozzo’s bling matters to him. Sun came out at midday and we left to go home under a cold, clear sky. As I cross the canal bridge, the water is turbulent. Like Godot, so much going on beneath the surface.’

Waiting For Godot is at The Old Rep Theatre 13-17 March 2012

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