The Just Price Of Flowers Is 'An Absolute Pleasure'

The Just Price Of Flowers Is 'An Absolute Pleasure'

There are only a few days left in which to catch our production of The Just Price Of Flowers which ends on Saturday 30 June. If you’re still wondering whether to book, why not take a look at what the reviewers have been saying?


“Birmingham Repertory Theatre always seem to choose just the right topics at just the right times […] James Yarker’s script is perfect for challenging the issues of modern Britain’s attitude towards money […] An absolute pleasure”
Star Star Star Star Star
What’s On Stage


“Credit-default swaps and short selling have never been so wryly entertaining or easy to understand”
Star Star Star Star
The Guardian


“It’s funny and sharp […] Compulsory viewing for the new generation: a ruff guide to finance.”
The Times


“Visually a triumph […] witty and well written.”
Star Star Star Star
The Public Reviews


“A delightfully entertaining, but cautionary tale taught me more about complexities of economic downturn than I had expected […] amusing and thought provoking. Well worth a visit!”
Star Star Star Star


“A play built around the tulip bulb bubble of the 17th Century as a means of exploring the financial jiggery-pokery of today doesn’t sound like a bagful of laughs. It just goes to show how wrong one can be. The Just Price of Flowers is a brilliantly crafted satire; very witty and as enlightening as it is funny. And it somehow manages to be both easy-going and hard-hitting.”



And it’s not just critics who’ve enjoyed it. Here’s some feedback we’ve received from audience members…


“It was EXCELLENT. I loved it. Clever, funny, clever, accurate, clever, witty, clever. Top stuff.”

“Clever and sobering take on financial crisis”

“Entertaining, educational and origami by the one & only Brian Duffy – marvellous”

“Excellent, clever evening’s theatre”

“Still absorbing the great integrity, craft + generosity of Just Price of Flowers”

“The Just Price of Flowers was CLEVER & WITTY. Will never look at Tulips in the same way again! QUALITY

“Loved The Just Price of Flowers”

“Top performances”

“Witty & well structured. Cake scene as metaphor for bank bailouts was a hoot!”

“Fun, interesting and surprising in all the best ways. Please go.”

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