Pornography gets a critical Thumbs-Up in Edinburgh

Pornography gets a critical Thumbs-Up in Edinburgh

Our co-production with the Traverse Theatre, Pornography, which is set in London in the week of Live 8, the London 2012 announcement, and the 7/7 bombings, opened in Edinburgh this week.

The first reviews have started to come in, and we’ve gathered a selection of the best bits for you here.

“London becomes a kind of hell in Simon Stephens’ extraordinary play…in Sean Holmes superb, beautifully acted production, the city becomes the stage itself.”
The Guardian

“[Simon] Stephens, who has already written the best play of the year (Harper Regan, at the National), has come up with another cracker – one that searches for new forms to say new things. He observes his characters with an almost forensic detachment and yet he makes us love them, too.”
The Guardian

“This is a play of grace and terror”
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“The defining feature of that week was its constant turn for the unexpected – something that this play, impeccably directed by Sean Holmes, captures beautifully.”
Daily Telegraph

“…Sean Holmes’s excellent cast. Together, they remind you of a few days in which Londoners started by hooting their car horns after the city was awarded the 2012 Olympics and ended up bewildered, in mourning but perhaps not wholly unchanged.”
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“This is a state-of-the-nation play in the fullest sense.”

“Performed by an excellent ensemble cast *****”
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