Philip Pullman makes cameo appearance in His Dark Materials

Philip Pullman makes cameo appearance in His Dark Materials

Award-winning writer Philip Pullman fulfilled a life-long ambition last night (April 29th) when he appeared in the stage production of his best-selling trilogy, His Dark Materials at Oxford Playhouse.

Making a cameo appearance as an Oxford scholar, Pullman appeared alongside actors from The REP’s production, which is currently touring the UK until June.

After seeing the show open at The REP last month, Pullman confessed that he would love to appear in the production in his home-town, as director Sarah Esdaile explains:

“We knew that Philip had really enjoyed the production, and were delighted that he was so pleased with it that he wanted to actually take an acting part. Oxford is at the centre of this story so to have the man who created Lyra’s Oxford as part of the show in the real Oxford was incredibly exciting.”

Why did Philip want to take part? Was it fulfilling a long-held ambition or just a bit of fun?

“When I saw the plays at Birmingham it looked like the company were having such fun. I hadn’t thought much about acting until then but when they asked if I would like to take part I discovered I had a burning desire to be on the stage!”

When asked how he found the experience Philip replied:

“Enormous fun! I really enjoyed the whole experience – the rehearsal, the preparation. Even though I didn’t have a very big part I was rehearsed to within an inch of my life! The audience were really warm which made it very enjoyable and the actors were wonderfully supportive”

So is this the start of a new career?

“Now that I’ve uncovered a life long ambition to be on the stage who knows!”

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