Our Online Change Of Scenery

Our Online Change Of Scenery

Welcome to our new website. With so much going on during The REP’s Change of Scenery we’ve redesigned our website to make it easier to use and to improve the overall experience of The REP online a more friendly and informative one.

The new website features more content including blogs and videos, more opportunities for interactivity, its mobile friendly and we hope it will encourage site visitors to get involved with the organisation on all levels of engagement.

The new site has been created with the help of Made Media who have a lot of expertise in creating websites for performing arts organisations. Here are just a few highlights of what’s new:

- A new blogs section with behind-the-scenes content.

- Easier access to actors biogs and photographs.

- More information via the Getting Involved section for schools, community groups, families, children, artists and visitors looking to get more out of their visit to see a show.

- Video content prominently positioned.

- More venue information available on each show page including a map – particularly useful whilst we’re presenting shows as part of our offsite season.

- The new site will display equally well on wide screen monitors and mobile phones.

- Special feature panels highlighting the work of the theatre both on stage, on tour and off stage.

- The ability to comment via social media channels.

- And the opportunity for discussions via our site with other like-minded theatre goers.

Happy browsing!

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