Grab a piece of Our House

Grab a piece of Our House

Great news for all Our House fans!

We know how much you loved Our House and so we’re offering a one-off opportunity for you to own a piece of Our House memorabilia, and make your house into a House Of Fun.

We have two very large Our House posters to auction to the highest bidder – if you would like to place a bid for one of them, simply email your highest offer, along with your full name and daytime telephone number to

The posters are 60×40 inches and are printed on a semi-rigid foam board – if you are lucky enough to place the highest bid, we’ll need you to collect the poster yourself from the theatre, so you’ll need a large-ish car or a van!

We’ll contact the two highest bidders by telephone to arrange payment and collection – all bids must be entered by Thu 10 July.

The proceeds from this auction will go to Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Registered Charity no 223660.