See how the Dancing At Lughnasa set was built

See how the Dancing At Lughnasa set was built

Dancing At Lughnasa has just opened at The REP and we are so thrilled with the beautiful set design by Colin Richmond that we thought you might like to glimpse how it was put together.

The very short time-lapse sequence below shows the set being constructed on stage over the course of a week – and you can see many more photographs of the production on the Dancing At Lughnasa page on this website.

Tickets are still available for the show, which runs until 6 March.

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What a fascinating insight into the building of a quite remarkable set.
We saw the play last night and had a great evening. Such a sensitive, poignant but well paced and lively production with fascinating, intuitive performances from all the actors, each bringing their unique slant on their character to the overall production. Clearly inspired by a really interesting interpretation by the director.Great stuff!!