Blog For Birmingham

Blog For Birmingham

Now that Birmingham’s been shortlisted for the title UK City of Culture 2013 (one of four cities to be part of the final selection process) you can help the Bid win by taking part in a special Blogging Day between noon on Friday 23 April and noon on Saturday 24 April.

The plan is for as many people as possible, who live or work in or visit Birmingham, to write a Blog about what cultural activities they are enjoying in the city. The Blog will provide a 24 hour snapshot of the cultural life of Birmingham and will form part of the City’s Bid, showing just how much goes on in the city and how important culture is to people. You can Blog about all sorts of activities on the – live music, comedy, exhibitions and so on – but of course please feel free to say as much as you like about The REP!

The Blog will be available at and it’s easy to take part – as simple as sending an email – and will only take a minute or two to contribute. Plus you’ll be able to watch the day unfold live, as it happens.

So please take part in this online chat. You’ll be making a great contribution to the City’s bid and who knows it could be your voice that makes the difference!

Let’s Blog for Birmingham!

Find out how to submit your blog by downloading the poster below.