Birmingham Bids To Be UK City of Culture 2013

Birmingham Bids To Be UK City of Culture 2013

We all know what a great place Birmingham is but now we’ve got a great opportunity to show it off to the world as it bids to become UK City of Culture in 2013. The REP is very proud to support this campaign and we’d like to encourage you to lend your support.

2013 is of course a very significant year for us. It’s our 100th birthday and our Centenary Year will also see the opening of the newly refurbished REP building alongside the new Library of Birmingham. Our joint development with the new Library of Birmingham will create an internationally unique centre of culture and knowledge in Centenary Square.

The development is the largest public-sector cultural project in Britain and will be at the centre of the city’s celebrations in 2013 alongside Birmingham City University’s new arts the largest and media campus in Eastside. In addition, there will be a brand-new Autumn Festival and a special exhibition of the extraordinary Anglo Saxon Hoard at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, along with A City in the Making, a groundbreaking new history gallery which will tell the story of Birmingham and its people.

There will also be a whole programme of activity designed, led and curated by Birmingham’s young people and the UK City of Culture is also as much about activities in local neighbourhoods as it is about the big celebrations in the City centre.

There are lots of opportunities to get involved in the bid and to help shape the celebrations. The City has created the Big Blank Canvas to make sure a UK City of Culture in 2013 is full of things that the people of Birmingham want to do. Now Birmingham has been shortlisted (one of four cities to be part of the final selection process) the City will talk to people who have posted their suggestions on Big Blank Canvas and provide support to help them develop their ideas.

You can find out more about Birmingham’s bid to be the first UK City of Culture in 2013 and post your ideas on what you’d like to see happening as part of the celebrations by visiting the Birmingham Big City Culture website.

Let’s make it happen!