A Decade At The REP In Pictures

A Decade At The REP In Pictures

Having enjoyed various reviews of the decade in the media over the festive season, we’ve ventured into our archives to pick out a selection of photographs from the last ten years to share with you.

Starting with the groundbreaking Ramayana in 2000 and finishing with 2009’s epic His Dark Materials we hope you enjoy looking at our selection.

With so many shows to choose from it was very hard to whittle down the selection of photographs. Do you agree with our choices or would you have chosen something else? Let us know in the comments below.

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Although I've only seen the Chrsitmas shows at the REP, this decade has been fantastic watching them!! I have seen them all since the Wizard of Oz in 2003 (except 2004's the Witches and the Wizard of Oz again in 2005 or any of the Snowmans). I have enjoyed them all very much (except A Christmas Carol) so I say thank you for a decade of festive fun!! P.S. Can you put more shows on the archive?? That would be brill!!!