New shows for 2012

New shows for 2012

2012 is our final full year off-site and we’re delighted to announce the arrival of five new shows in five new venues for 2012!

As part of this year’s Fierce Festival we bring you two extraordinary performances. Time has Fallen Asleep In The Afternoon Sunshine by Mette Edvardsen an intimate one-on-one theatre experience with a ‘living book’ in Birmingham Central Library and Berlin Love Tour by Playgroup, this guided tour of Berlin on the streets of Birmingham is about monuments, memory and the way we carry around all the places we’ve been inside us.

Our Neighbourhood REP collaboration with Birmingham City Council’s Library and Archive Services will see its first three public productions.

For Spring Hill Stories award-winning storyteller Peter Chand has worked with members of Spring Hill Library to create a piece of site-specific theatre inspired by the architecture and history of the atmospheric, 19th Century Grade II listed library itself.

Harborne Herald is a collaboration between playwright, Arzhang Pezhman, students from Harborne Academy and a local history society to bring to life a December day in Victorian Harborne.

The Witches’ Promise by Stephanie Dale will be performed in the medieval ruins of Weoley Castle and is inspired by remarkable historical events that took place in and around the ancient landmark.

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