Home Educator Workshops at The REP

Home Educator Workshops at The REP

This morning our Early Years staff were greeted by the friendly faces of a Home Educators group. The group who had met through a West Midlands Network of Home Educators had asked if we could provide them with some training so that they could use drama and theatre in their children’s learning and of course, we jumped at the chance!

The group took part in activities that aimed to boost their creativity and storytelling skills before being taken into the secret world of “Will Findum” a detective agent from London. With everyone becoming trainee detectives this literacy inspired teacher-in-role session began with a letter from Will inviting the participants to meet him in Covent Garden. The mystery took them from solving clues to helping the “Newsround” Presenters find their missing punctuation at BBC Television Centre. But was Will who he said he was? And who was the mysterious thief? Luckily our Detectives were highly skilled and the mystery was solved.

The workshop aimed to enable parents to use similar techniques within their own homes and their child’s learning. Through guidance from our Early Years Officers parents were able to chat and share ideas as well as pick up new ones looking at how they use drama and creative activities at home.

The Learning and Participation team are looking to work with more Home Educators and Child-Minders in the future so if you would like more information then e-mail us at learning@birmingham-rep.co.uk.

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