The Perfect Heathcliff?

The Perfect Heathcliff?

Oh wow. Gordon Brown has today likened himself to the dark and brooding figure of Heathcliff in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.

Well, we’re currently searching for the perfect Heathcliff for our new adaptation of this most romantic of stories, and we have to admit – Brown was never on our list…

We know that pretty much everyone has a strong opinion on who would be the ultimate Heathcliff, so here’s your opportunity to let us know yours. This is just for fun and we can’t promise to cast your favourite, but we like a good debate – so get involved and let us know your thoughts through the comment fields below.

Find out about the character of Heathcliff.

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Alan Rickman - in his Sheriff of Nottingham Days would make a perfect Heathcliff.

Also Kev from Shameless would be very good.

Bless Gordon Brown - I'd run off if I saw him coming across the moors.

A young Alan Bates would have been perfect. Failing that, how about Colin Farrell???

The lovely David Tennant PLEASE

OOohh good question! I would definately agree with Rebecca on Colin Farrell, or how about the guy who played Reecey in 'Our House'? Or Russell Crowe? Alternatively Daniel Craig would be my choice for most parts...

Gosh I seem to have lots of opinions on this one - I'll probably think of more soon!

I hear Jonny Depp is going to be Heathcliff in the forthcoming big screen version... that seems an odd choice to me?

Can't wait to come and see the show, I've booked for 1 October - anyone else seeing it that night?

Well for starters Colin Firth, Ralph Fiennes, Alan Rickman....

How about Roger Federer? Now that he has lost his Wimbledon title he might like to try his hand at acting. He would certainly look the part with his lovely long black curly hair. Looking forward to coming to Birmingham to see the show - one of my favourite stories from the pen of our brilliant Yorkshire Brontes.

Colin Farrell?
Johnny Depp?
Steven Gerrard?

Oooh surely Cliff Richard - he's already done it.
Or if you are after a real Yorkshire man what about Alan Titchmarsh?

Oh Johnny Depp - please!

Joseph Fiennes & Richard Armitage would be top of my list, followed by Matthew McFadyen, J J Feild, Matthew Rhys & Ioan Gruffudd.

Is Daphne joking? Cliff or Titmarsh NO! I'll go with either David Tennant or gorgeous Russell Brand (mind you,he has got a bit of a squeaky voice) - but both are SO charismatic. I agree that the fantastic Feds would look the part but can he act? That is the question.



Richard Armatige by miles ! maybe Clive Owen

Ralph Fiennes, David Duchovny, Sean Connery

Sir Cliff, every time.

I second Nell - Richard Armitage every time for some sexy, smouldering good looks!

Scott Maslen, please

Toby Stephens or Richard Armitage!

If we stick to Emily Bronte's description of Heathcliff he is.."a dark-skinned gypsy in aspect, in dress and manners a gentleman:...he has an erect and handsome figure; and rather morose."
She also says he was, " tall, athletic and well formed,...and eyes full of black fire." So there we have it. Who could it be? Such a singular character is hard to portray but I think that one of the Rep's own Company will fill the role admirably and do Emily Bronte justice. Can't wait to see him!!

David Tennant now, but for me it was Ian McShane in the BBC's 1960s production.

Richard Armitage will be perfect in this role!!!!!!!! or maybe Hugh Jackman. But I vote for Richard, my favorite ever