For the last two weeks, members of the Young REP have been collaborating with professional artist Laura Cooper and Ikon Gallery on her latest live art piece He(a)rd. Along with members of Ikon Youth Programme they have challenged their ideas of the nature of performance and are delighted to be a part of the official launch of Ikon’s Autumn Almanac: The Voice and the Lens on Thursday 8 November 2012.

He(a)rd is a new performance and video work by Laura Cooper in collaboration with members of the Ikon Youth Programme and the Young REP. Performers inhabit the space surrounding Ikon, engaging in a navigational game, communicating in whistled codes and vocalisations. The performance gradually seeps into the gallery through fluctuating video and sound transmissions.

The Voice and the Lens
The voice can be seen as the technology of the human, yet we can learn about it through other less organic technologies. We talk about the voice in terms of its ‘colour’ and ‘focus’; the techniques and language that apply to light are mimicked by the mouth’s own aperture. It seems increasingly important to look at the voice rather than just to hear it. The Voice and the Lens is a meditation on two facing technologies that are fundamental in
understanding ourselves and the world around us.

Autumn Almanac: The Voice and the Lens is supported by PRS for Music Foundation and Sound and Music.

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