Army Tread The Boards At The REP

Army Tread The Boards At The REP

The REP’s rehearsal rooms had some unusual visitors this week – staff from the Birmingham Armed Forces Careers Office.

The cast of At The Gates Of Gaza, set during the First World War, have been rehearsing for several weeks and felt that to put the finishing touches to their performances they needed some tips from a real soldier. The cast play a group of soldiers from the British West Indian Regiment and they were delighted when Sgt Pete Bailey came along to rehearsals to give them a crash course in how to march like a soldier, hold a gun and stand to attention.

Major Bob Bath, Army recruiting officer for Birmingham said: “When we were contacted by The REP, we were more than happy to get involved. As soldiers we are trained how to do certain drills and know how important it is to get them right, so we can appreciate the effort the actors are going to. They caught on quickly and I have no doubt they will give a convincing performance.”

We’re looking forward to seeing the cast’s new-found skills on stage next week!

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