Open Door at The REP is a pilot season of works-in-progress written by West Midlands based writers.

16 April 2014 – Open Door at The REP with BOLD TEXT COLLECTIVE

Friday Afternoons
By Liz John

Jim will abandon his kids; Trina will destroy her husband; their brother Sam just wants his childhood back. Three siblings – damaged and cursed – are about to reject their destiny.

Never Let Me Down
By Julia Wright

When teenager Emily finds a homeless man in the garden shed and decides to let him stay, she cannot foresee the effects on her family.

2 June 2014 – Open Door at The REP with Cucumber Playwrights

Following on from the success of Open Door – part one, the remaining six Cucumber Writers; Alex Townley, David Payne, Emma Davis, Khush Chahal, Laura Yates and Louise Marshall will be sharing extracts from new plays in development, in rehearsed readings through the Birmingham Rep’s Open Door programme.

The Cucumber Writers are a group of 11 emerging West Midlands playwrights who met through the Birmingham Rep’s Write Away course in 2012. Since then they have staged a number of rehearsed readings of their work in venues around Birmingham, and continue to develop work together.

To find out more about Cucumber Writers and keep up to date on our latest shenanigans visit find us on Facebook or follow @CucumberTweets on Twitter.

7 April 2014 – Open Door at The REP with BOLD TEXT COLLECTIVE

A Diary Without Dates (Outside The Glass Doors)
By Enid Bagnold
Adapted for the stage by Vanessa Oakes

At the outbreak of World War 1 Enid Bagnold immediately joined the Red Cross and went to work as a VAD nurse at the Royal Herbert Hospital in Woolwich. On the publication of A Diary Without Dates in 1918 Enid was sacked for breach of military discipline. This adaptation of her extraordinary WW1 diary explores how the book might have been viewed by one of the hospital Sisters it describes and if it would have been possible for her to ever forgive Enid.

The Predator
By Sayan Kent

Saff, a young music teacher, visits her family home one weekend to the delight of Barb, her head-teacher mother. But when Gina, a fifteen year-old girl from Saff’s school, turns up unexpectedly, they are forced to question their personal ethics, morals and ultimately justify their complicity in a crime.

Liberal Guilt
By Tim Stimpson

Leanne and Polly are best friends. They also both work for the Lib Dems. When the coalition is formed one leaves and one stays. But what is the point of principles without power – and what is the worth of power if you compromise all your principles? Based on firsthand experience and interviews with senior party members ‘Liberal Guilt’ looks at the future of party politics if we choose to abandon it.


28 April 2014 – Open Door at The REP with BOLD TEXT COLLECTIVE

Roller Diner
By Stephen Jackson

A rundown café in Birmingham is lit up by the arrival of a waitress from Poland. But not everybody is happy – and baked beans and chips are soon joined on the menu by poptrashtic songs, sexual tension and murder… all served up in a musical with added ketchup.

By Helen Kelly

Post is a comedy about post-natal depression. When you have a baby you think you are the only one who isn’t coping and whose house is a tip.

Helen hopes to take the play forward to another venue to become an installation based on real images of the bedrooms that new mums and dads share with their newborns.

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